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COMMENCE FIREARMS Training Academy Classes
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This is the course necessary if you intend on applying for a Concealed Handgun Permit. Please understand that this is a competency course. Per Ohio Law you must successfully complete this course to obtain a certificate. We understand this and will do everything possible to ensure you pass. We guarantee that you will feel welcome in our non-intimidating training environment. Upon successful completion you will be ready to apply for your Concealed Handgun Permit.

Training will be conducted with both a Revolver and a Semi-Automatic Handgun.

Classroom Training will consist of 10 hours
(Mandated by Law) & will cover the following:

   • Safe Handling of Firearms
      (most important aspect of firearms training)
   • Ohio Concealed Carry Laws
   • Our course is taught by active Law Enforcement Officers
      with years of experience.
   • They ensure you have a good grasp of the law and can
      answer all your questions.
   • Deadly Force  (Our Chief Instructors has been involved
      in a deadly force incident brings that experience into
      the classroom)
   • Weapon Nomenclature (parts)
   • Weapon Function  (includes malfunction drills)
   • Loading & Unloading
   • Firearm Maintenance & Cleaning
   • Proper Storage of Firearms & Ammunition

The Six Marksmanship Skills

Stance • Grip • Sight Alignment • Sight Picture
Breathing Control • Trigger Control

   • Shooting Tack-Tack (shooting two rounds fast & effectively)
   • Close Quarters Shooting (shooting within arms reach of the target)
   • Barricade Shooting (shooting from behind objects)
   • Shooting on the Move (Forward, Backward, to the Right & to the Left)

Range Training will consist of 2 hours (Mandated by Law)
and will cover the following:

   • Live Fire Exercises

     • Firearm, either a Revolver or Semi-automatic (bring both if you own them).
        If you do not own a firearm, please do not purchase one for this course.
        We have numerous different revolvers and semi-automatics available to rent.
     • 100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition.
     • Be willing to learn and have fun doing it.

COST: $125 (single person) or $115 per person with a friend,
if you register with someone else in the same class!

The difference between the other courses and ours is that we provide you with everything you need to apply for your Concealed Carry License:

     •  Attorney Generals Ohio Concealed Carry Pamphlet

     •  Concealed Carry Application

     •  2” x 2” Passport Photograph

     •  Certificate of Successful Completion

LUNCH IS INCLUDED during Concealed Carry one day courses!!!
We encourage you to call around. You will realize that no other company matches our
Customer Service, Professionalism, Experience, Facilities and VALUE!

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