Sunday 14 October 2018
Advanced Handgun 1

Are you ready to take your handgun skills to the next level?

Once you have completed a Concealed Handgun License training course and/or obtained your Concealed Handgun License you are ready for the next step. This PRACTICAL & REALISTIC course is for the individual who understands that training is a MUST when dealing with firearms!

We guarantee that you will feel welcome in our non-intimidating training environment. Upon completion you WILL be better prepared to SURVIVE A DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTER! Please understand that this is an INSTRUCTIONAL COURSE! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE AN EXPERT SHOOTER TO ATTEND!

*Note - We do require the completion of a Concealed Carry License Course (this course does not have to be with Commence Fire) or that you have obtained a Concealed Carry License.

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